Letter from the Chancellor

As the university modernizes its physical plant, its classroom technologies, and reviews its core curriculum, it also must modernize its graphic identity.  For some time now it has been apparent that the University of Arkansas needed to update its logo. Handsome though it was, our last logo was developed before the Internet was widely used, and it did not display well on monitors.  It also was not as flexibly designed as our current logo, which restricted its functionality.  

A fresh, new logo was much needed and most welcome.

It also will help the university establish itself as a brand—an area of pressing need wherein we will be intensifying our efforts as we attempt to grow the university’s enrollment.  This new logo is reflective of the brand we are trying to achieve.  Toward that end, it is equally important that we promote a clear, consistent image throughout our various colleges, departments and units.  This style guide will better enable us to project a professional and uniform appearance in our branding and marketing efforts moving forward.

University relations has spent a good deal of time and effort developing this logo. It has been a deliberative and collaborative process that drew upon the office’s in-house expertise, as well as the numerous outside opinions solicited.  We greatly appreciate their willingness to take on this difficult project, and am extremely pleased with the results. We hope you are, too, and that you will assist us by ensuring consistent and proper use of the logo in all its functions.

Thank you for all your efforts on the university’s behalf.