Our Core Identity

Synthesizing the comments and input from hundreds of stakeholders resulted in a short description of who we are and what we do here at the University of Arkansas. In effect, we:

Empower people, lead the state, and impact the world.

These three elements are at the center of what our audiences feel when they hear our name.


The University of Arkansas provides the opportunity to experience meaningful work, achieve independence and self-sufficiency, to find a place of belonging. Students step beyond what they believed possible; faculty flourish in a collaborative and creative environment; everybody is afforded the chance to make a difference.


The University of Arkansas leads the way in preparing our students for their futures, and leads the way in research, innovation and creativity for the state. It also leads the nation in knowledge creation across several academic disciplines, putting us on the leading edge of research in nanotechnology, education reform, and several other fields.


Our graduates impact the state and world through politics, service, research and business. Our researchers impact hundreds of fields and disciplines. The University of Arkansas leaves its mark across the nation and globe as a force for intellectual inquiry, compassion and critical problem-solving. The university of J. William Fulbright can do no less.