Letter From the Chancellor

Chancellor G. David GearhartDear friend:

All of us work with certain communication standards and practices in our daily lives. Our faculty realize that; they are expected to follow the MLA, APA, or some other style manual when they prepare scholarly works and expect their students to do the same. Various professions and businesses use common language and format standards to enhance communication as well.

Whether taught in schools or workplaces, style guides help ensure clear communication among individuals and organizations. Within universities and other large institutions, style guides also facilitate smooth and effective representation of mission, brands and constituent relations.

The University of Arkansas Web Style Guide should be used in the creation or modification of any Web page that is associated with a unit within the university. Exceptions would be websites that are not governed by the university’s web policy 225.0.

This document should be a useful aid to all website designers and developers, helping them produce electronic publications and productions that accurately and effectively portray the University of Arkansas. As with other university policies, full compliance is expected.

G. David Gearhart