University policy 225.0

University Web sites are governed by university policy 225.0, available on the vice chancellor for finance and administration website.

Among other issues, this policy states that "In order to create and maintain an appealing and navigable system of Web pages for the University of Arkansas, and to alleviate the technical burden placed on university departments, all official, non-personal university Web pages are to be managed and maintained using the university-wide content management system that is administered through the Office of University Relations.

"All official, non-personal university Web sites must comply with graphic and Web standards maintained and enforced by the Office of University Relations, and the creation of such Web sites must be done in collaboration with the office.

"All of the aforementioned Web sites are subject to review by the Office of University Relations for consistency with the overall university design and for appropriateness of language and site architecture."

The University of Arkansas recognizes the difference between official and personal Web pages. Official pages represent the university and its programs. Personal pages should not give the impression that they are representing, giving opinions or otherwise making statements on behalf of the university. All pages by students or student groups are considered personal pages and are not permitted to bear the university logo.

Every Web page must identify its author/administrator or provide a link to a departmental Web page where that information is provided. In either case, an email link should be provided for correspondence, and the department must take responsibility for any communication the page may generate.